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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

For a weekend recap post?
As one can imagine, if you're up in my region, this past weekend near the UP was a bit chilly. Wetsuits and sweatshirts were basically required. I know, it boggles my mind how he can look constipated, leaving nothing to the imagination and I still find him attractive! Additionally, please see the above proof that our children are screwed. The F's will be known for another thing . . . their butts!
I've never seen Tony wakeboard like this before, it was fun - minus the faceplants.
One of which he's about to experience here - letting go of the rope with one hand was not a trick! :)
Look at him go!
Of course there were also tube wars - just look at that butt!
Scott's about to bite it!
Allie had a blast, just like last year!
I wish I'd led this shot better! She was all about the ball!
She even did decent in the boat!
I love when she points!
All of this though . . .
Results in one dead dog!

Even the next day on the way home!

Okay, so those were some of the fun parts . . . although there were plenty of non fun parts, including:

1. Tony's stew . . . which turned into Leah's stew after Tony laid down the second the ingredients were in the pot! Leaving me to adjust the temp, taste, stir and make the accompanying cornbread. He got an earful for that one, because I did try to wake him up and he didn't respond to me other than, "What?" Luckily, for a recipe we've never tried before we hit the jackpot and it was fantastic!

2. "Oh that's just because you care too much about what other people think, I did my hair for myself."

Does that sound ridiculous to you? Because it should. This is from a conversation stemming around my putting makeup on our third day up at the cabin. Last week I was dealing with allergies something fierce and went sans eye makeup. After about a week of that crap, I just needed to look in the mirror and like what I saw, you know? So after one of the wives dried and did her hair, I decided I could break the unofficial all-natural rule and put on some makeup. When speaking about it, I also interjected that I wanted to stop subjecting everyone to my plain face in conjunction with speaking about my allergy week, and received the above comment. Not happy.

3. I'm a very opinionated person, which can often result in my voicing said opinion . . . but 90% of the time only when I'm right. I've rewritten this sentence a few times now and it still comes across like I'm full of myself, which I'm really not, so I hope you can understand what I mean. So, I'll try again, when I'm really forceful with my opinion, it is only when I'm read up on it. I don't like to sound stupid, and thus try to avoid it at all costs . . .does that make anymore sense? So that's the setting, now imagine my being with a couple that can never be wrong. Ever. They will argue that they are right, to the point that they will argue they had wrong information, but based on the wrong information they are right. Confused? So was I. I was also embarassed quite a few times by being slapped in the face verbally for calling foul when they were wrong. I will not go out of my way to be friends with this couple anymore and luckily, Tony agrees with me.

So all in all, it was an okay weekend.


Bekah said...

comment #2. I am forever getting comments like this..I wear the least makeup of any of my sisters (they are all beautiful and dont NEED the make up but they like it so I dont say anything) but when we go camping and I bring my hair gel I get comments...

Um hello...curly hair+humidity+tent-bad

I still dont really get why women are like this...which is also probably why i have one female friend outside of my sisters... comment was supposed to just say "shrug it off, its your decision" but i got carried away

Anonymous said...

Awww, your doggie looks so happy!!

And I hate know-it-alls. Like you, I'll argue my point, but only when I'm sure I'm right - when I've read up on an issue. It's irritating when someone won't let it go when you know they are wrong!

Mrs. Case said...

My husband wants a dog just like yours. I keep saying no until we get out of living in an apartment. The photo with its head in the car door is too cute.

We also have friends like that and I say with honesty that it has caused us to invite them to waaaay fewer events.

Katherine said...

#1- My husband has a ghetto booty too (and a big head)! My bum isn't all that small either, so we always say our kids will just be a big head and a big butt rolling around!

#2- Nobody does their hair for themselves. Did she carry a mirror around all day to look at it? I don't think so, therefore, it was not just for her.

Just my two cents :)

abby said...

Yikes that water must be getting cold! Impressive wakeboarding skills Tony :) I love taking dogs to the cabin, you can just tell how much fun they're having and they get SO tired!

There are some people who just aren't worth arguing with. Unfortunately these are usually the people you want to argue with most because they are so wrong!

Chris | Team Sea-Squared said...

I LOVE the pic of Allie in the boat. Frame it immediately.

Katie said...

dude you guys wakeboard? I LOVE wakeboarding and so does the boy! Granted we don't need wetsuits in the south :)

And since you have a friend spot open - we need to be friends :)

as a potential friend, i promise i will never give you a hard time about makeup - or hair - or argue about misinformation...that's just weird.


Unknown said...

Your pupperoni is adorable!! Kind of looks like my Bailey :-)

Ok, regarding the makeup..I have to admit that I'd much rather wear it than not. That's why I hate going up north with Jim's family. His sisters go au natural all the time and I LIKE to wear it's not surprise I feel like butt when I don't. I really can't win. If I don't wear makeup and catch a glance at myself in the mirror, it's like "whoa!" but then if I do wear makeup, I know I'm being judged.

Wow, did that pertain to anything you said?! Probably not!

Chelsea said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!!! It's sad to say that it's just going to get chiller and these days are few and far between for a while. I'm glad you got to enjoy it!

Sarah said...

Ryan has a disproportionately huge butt, too - it makes for fun times trying to find dress pants!

Kelsey said...

Sounds so fun! We went camping in the UP on Lake Superior the third weekend in September last year and let me tell you... there was NO swimming! There was, however, a freak storm that blew away almost all of the equipment that we brought along!

LeeAnn said...

Looks like a fun weekend!


dancerdiva25 said...

Looks like you had a blast!!!

Freckles Chick said...

LOL! Well, our kids are screwed too b/c DH and I have NO asses.

Looks like so much fun! Adorable Allie, I just want to smooch her face.

Gah! I hate people who believe they're right all the time. Talk about a twisted reality they live in.

Lastly, girl, you don't need make up (I kinda hate you for that =). But I know what you mean. Sometimes I put makeup on when it's just DH and me, just b/c I went days w/out wearing it and it makes me feel a little more, "polished", you know?

Lori Z said...

Aw, your Allie is so cute!!

Megan said...

First off, when you guys have kids they will be adorable - no question about that. :)

Second - your dog is adorable!

Third - those people are annoying me just hearing about how they love to argue. People are ridiculous!

Lindsey said...

You have the cutest dog ever! My husband and I want a dog really bad but we were talked out of it. It's funny though because when people ask if we're going to have kids soon we laugh and say "We're not even ready for a dog!"

AmberDenae said...

Cute dog!!

I understand you and reading the last part of this blog almost felt like I was reading about myself! I totally know what that feels like!! haha- You did very well in your explanation.

Heidi said...

OMG! The pictures of Allie past out in your car are beyond fantastic.

Kathy said...

That's funny about the "unofficial all-natural" rule--it's true! But very rude of that lady to make that comment...if you want to wear makeup, more power to you! I usually wear at least mascara when we go camping. What can I say? I'm a girly girl.

preppy little dress AKA "PLD" said...

great shots of your dog!


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