Tuesday's ponderings

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Recently I've been trying to come to terms with the motivation behind my blogging, but at the root of it, my questions have stemmed from exploring my personal use of the internet.

You hear so many reports regarding the dissolving communication skills of our society's teenagers on down in age. The situation is even made light of via commercials including text messaging or IMing. It makes me wonder though if our disposition to use technology in certain ways isn't determined or influenced by our childhood. And I don't just mean the accessibility of the necessary technology, because that would be a silly arguement, but rather pivotal relationships or lack there of while we were yet developing our communication skills.

I find it very intriguing the many ways I have leveraged the internet for my personal gratification, be it meeting Tony online, bonding with girls planning our wedding, talking politics, or going that final step and meeting a fellow blogger IRL (that'd be Abby). I find it so odd, because I'm very outgoing in real life. Definitely a true extrovert. I do not have a problem befriending people. And yet here I am, after so many years, still using email, message boards and now blogs to develop relationships that at times are stronger and more relevant than some that I enjoy in real life.

As a Christian I struggle with my blog being a showcase of vanity and pride, because even at the heart of my most humble post, what I'm really saying is look at me, right?

So I guess what I'm saying is that I'm searching for the justification behind my posting, what distinguishes it from being pride, and exploring the reasons behind my aptitude to befriend people online?

I really tried to have a solid progression of points to a significant question, but I fear I've traveled willy nilly all over the place and have just presented my thoughts and questions in a jumble for you all to dissect (or skip over! hah).

So if I've written anything that makes sense or that you feel compelled to respond to, please do.

Also, and I knew I would end up doing this, while I'm pondering these things, I have not been inclined to think about leaving the blogging world. Just exploring a little further my reasons behind the interaction.

My love affair has started . . .

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Remember my comments abour our poor children? Seriously, look at the above evidence!

I love this picture of Tony!

Well here we are . . .

Sunday afternoon and so long over due, I give you my randomness from these 4 lovelies: Lori, etxwife, Chelsea, and Lindsey.

1. I'm a fair weather fan. It's true and I hate it, but the Twins and Vikings haven't done much of anything other than get my hopes up over the years . . . so I'm unfaithful. Now the Wild on the other hand are another story all together!

2. I'm feeling the pressure at work. I'm actually starting to get scared that I should have stayed in my protective little cocoon of bad self-esteem at Target, because my job was secure.

3. I live for having bonfire get-togethers at our house, especially in the fall. I go all out with hay bales, spiked cider, decor and pumpkin bars!

4. I haven't been the best housewife lately. Tony's been doing a lot of the chores and as sad as I am that I'm slacking I haven't helped out much. What gives?

5. We went to a wedding this weekend. Tony was this guys best man twice in as many years . . . but an usher in our's.

6. I got to go wedding dress shopping with Nadia yesterday, and I'm in loooove with her top contender. Her other selection is the complete opposite, but exactly what she pictured herself getting married in . . . so I know that's the one she'll go with.

7. I used to be obsessed with Cinderella.

8. Allie is lucky she's so pretty because if Tony had gotten her any later in our dating she would be a golden retriever.

Those aren't very fun, but I'm pooped. We didn't get home last night from the wedding until 3 am. :(

I think most people have already been tagged, so I'm effectively being lame and will not be tagging anyone.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I think I've been tagged 4 times now, and I promise I'll honor those . . . but works been a little busy!

That being said, I just have to share the teaser shot I've been blessed with!

I can't wait to see the rest!

Well ladies . . .

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I extremely appreciate all of you weighing in today! But with that being said, I proved to be the most indecisive person ever . . . and skipped the dress altogether, opting for a t-shirt as my 2nd outfit!

Tony and I had a GREAT time with Erica today, and although this is a little premature, as we haven't seen the outcome, we would highly recommend her to anyone. She has a fantastic eye and asserted herself to direct us well. Allie was her usual self, which isn't always a good thing, but Erica just went with it and was even taking grass off of her tongue lol! She has two dogs of her own, so it was all good. :)

The location was gorgeous, Tony enjoyed himself and I really felt a lot of our shots, so we're very anxious to get our pics!

To any of my MN girls, it's studio 188 and Erica charges $150 for a family, baby or pet portrait session. Book her today, in time for the falling leaves!

Please help me! I mean YOU, NOW please!

We have to leave for our photo session in 1 hour, and I'm having severe wardrobe stress!!!

So here's the deal, I know what Tony's going to wear and I know the shirt that I'm going to wear . . . but I can't decide on the dress!

Dress #1

Dress #2
Dress #2
Dress #3
For what it's worth, I'm extremely comfortable in all three of these dresses. Please whoever's out there today, weigh in and give me your opinion! Remember we'll be outside near an apple orchard with Allie!



Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Work has been busy! What gives? I feel like it still hasn't let up from Labor Day weekend. Does anyone else feel the same?

Unfortunately it has taken a toll on my face . . . and my benzoyl peroxide is just not getting the job done like it should. Which is even more unfortunate, because guess what we have looming this weekend? Our photo session! Which, not only do I not have the right clothes for, or recently highlighted hair . . . but now my complexion has jumped overboard as well! Oh well, at least the pictures will truly reflect where I'm at in life right now lol.

The weather should be beaUtiful (I stole that from you Chris) and even though it's Tuesday I'm excited for Sunday!

Let's walk down memory lane

Saturday, September 13, 2008

So back in the summer of '07, our backyard looked something like this.

We were not fond of our little woods or the massive lilacs . . . so Tony went to work.

And it ended up looking a little something like this.

But before that glorious after, Tony decided he wanted to be a lumberjack. We were fresh out of plaid, so he decided head to toe light denim would do the trick. Do you see the tree about to meet it's demise? Okay, I'm being dramatic, it was already extremely dead. Look at the top of this picture and you can see the jutting toothpicks that were left of this tree's branches.

Once again, Tony got to work. A la the pioneer woman, just look at that demin clad butt, or don't. Whatever suits you. :) Sawing away, or is it sawwing? Not a word you see often either way.
Ho hum, look at my nice little perfectly placed chunk. Resulting in the felling of this tree, exactly where I want.
Now the big reveal, loosing the tree. Yell Tiiiiiimberrrr with me!
Ooops. Not quite the intended destination. Remember the removal of the chain link didn't happen until this year!
I love him anyways, even if he isn't going to be featured on Ax Men. :)

How late is too late?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

For a weekend recap post?
As one can imagine, if you're up in my region, this past weekend near the UP was a bit chilly. Wetsuits and sweatshirts were basically required. I know, it boggles my mind how he can look constipated, leaving nothing to the imagination and I still find him attractive! Additionally, please see the above proof that our children are screwed. The F's will be known for another thing . . . their butts!
I've never seen Tony wakeboard like this before, it was fun - minus the faceplants.
One of which he's about to experience here - letting go of the rope with one hand was not a trick! :)
Look at him go!
Of course there were also tube wars - just look at that butt!
Scott's about to bite it!
Allie had a blast, just like last year!
I wish I'd led this shot better! She was all about the ball!
She even did decent in the boat!
I love when she points!
All of this though . . .
Results in one dead dog!

Even the next day on the way home!

Okay, so those were some of the fun parts . . . although there were plenty of non fun parts, including:

1. Tony's stew . . . which turned into Leah's stew after Tony laid down the second the ingredients were in the pot! Leaving me to adjust the temp, taste, stir and make the accompanying cornbread. He got an earful for that one, because I did try to wake him up and he didn't respond to me other than, "What?" Luckily, for a recipe we've never tried before we hit the jackpot and it was fantastic!

2. "Oh that's just because you care too much about what other people think, I did my hair for myself."

Does that sound ridiculous to you? Because it should. This is from a conversation stemming around my putting makeup on our third day up at the cabin. Last week I was dealing with allergies something fierce and went sans eye makeup. After about a week of that crap, I just needed to look in the mirror and like what I saw, you know? So after one of the wives dried and did her hair, I decided I could break the unofficial all-natural rule and put on some makeup. When speaking about it, I also interjected that I wanted to stop subjecting everyone to my plain face in conjunction with speaking about my allergy week, and received the above comment. Not happy.

3. I'm a very opinionated person, which can often result in my voicing said opinion . . . but 90% of the time only when I'm right. I've rewritten this sentence a few times now and it still comes across like I'm full of myself, which I'm really not, so I hope you can understand what I mean. So, I'll try again, when I'm really forceful with my opinion, it is only when I'm read up on it. I don't like to sound stupid, and thus try to avoid it at all costs . . .does that make anymore sense? So that's the setting, now imagine my being with a couple that can never be wrong. Ever. They will argue that they are right, to the point that they will argue they had wrong information, but based on the wrong information they are right. Confused? So was I. I was also embarassed quite a few times by being slapped in the face verbally for calling foul when they were wrong. I will not go out of my way to be friends with this couple anymore and luckily, Tony agrees with me.

So all in all, it was an okay weekend.


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