Three things.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

1. The hubs won't let it go, lol. One of my biggest complaints about Tony's laundry skills would be that 90% of the loads started in our house are initiated by him . . . but 100% of the loads are put into the dryer, folded and put away by me. Last night while driving to pick up our "new" vehicle, the following ensued:

Tony: You know, if you'd let me get my dryer, it had a setting that folded clothes?
Me: {while laughing} WHAT?!
Tony: Yup, you passed it up. All you'd have to do was open the dryer and there they'd be, all nice and folded. So sad. Now you have to fold still.
Me: You're ridiculous!

2. Kind of like a new haircut or color where you don't recognize yourself in the mirror or as you're passing your reflection . . . I can't get used to the fact that the mini-minivan sitting in our driveway is our vehicle. Lol, but I like it. I swear I do. :)

3. Thursday night I ordered our print from Phunklab. Fluer is really excited about the picture I supplied and so am I! I just wish I wasn't so squinty in that pic, oh well, it captures us well . . . so maybe I really am squinty frequently lol.

We're supplying our vows, our first emails (we met online), lyrics from our songs played in our ceremony and our two scripture readings!


Unknown said...

You two are super cute!

AJ said...

A dryer that folds would be so sweet. *sigh* If only it were the truth. I'm excited about your print!

Megan said...

Ahhh! I cant wait to see it!


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