Friday, August 29, 2008

I haven't been inudated by reasons to post lately. It seems my mind has been occupied by nonblogging material, which means, let's be honest, I've been a little stressed and unhappy. That's just what nonblogging days equal to, at least in my opinion.

So just to share some of this stress . . .

Tony was hired on full time by our company! Yay! He was contracted for a year, through a hiring agency, but his time was finally up. Unfortunately, this has affected our finances as we're now adjusting from a weekly check to twice a month. That means C-H-A-N-G-E-S!

To top it off, we expected his first full two week check today . . . and got half of that amount.

Additionally, last night while going over our finances, Tony and I discovered what we thought was an error of terrible proportions, resulting in my being overpaid. The amount I've been receiving ended up being about $200 more per pay period than my salary should compute to. This morning I took the plunge, with a considerable amount of praying beforehand, and spoke with my boss about it. It ended up being correct, as we were not calculating correctly based on salary, so all of my worry was for naught, but in the end I guess it allowed me to give them a true picture of how honorable I am.

It's a good thing Tony took the Vue . . . otherwise we'd be in even more hurt right now . . . although I would be cute, comfortable and fashionable while in financial pain . . . maybe I should re-examine that!

So with all of this in mind . . . Tony and I have two huge travel weekends ahead of us.

This weekend we're taking off for Duluth, to enjoy some of the scenery of the North Shore with another couple!

And next weekend we're going to Tony's friend's cabin in WI.

I'll be trying to have fun I promise, but I'm truly my mother's daughter and stress about money, a lot.


The Slacker Mom said...

It's always fun to adjust to new pay schedules- it was the worst part of moving back to Minnesota. Even though it's only a few weeks you feel it. Have fun at the shore!

abby said...

Wow do I hear you on stressing about money! I feel like I'm always the one to say "do we really need that?"

Have lots of fun and releaxation at the North Shore!

Heidi said...

Good for you for being honest! Have a fantastic weekend and try to not stress too much and enjoy yourself.

Unknown said...

Money is always stressful to think about [unless of course you have TONS of it!]. Hang in there...I had to adjust to those paycheck changes and survived. It just takes some time to get used to, get your finances in order, etc.

Kudos to you for being honest with your employer! About 2 years ago on payday I realized my direct deposit went in twice..I never saw such a high balance in our checking account. I was tempted to keep my mouth shut but my conscience got the best of me and I told HR. I'm so glad I did.

Anonymous said...

Money stresses me out so much. No matter how much we have, I always end up stressed about something. I hate it!

And kuddos for being so honest. That says so much about the person that you are!

AmberDenae said...

Yes, money does have a keen way of stressing us out, I hear you! I am stressed about all of my dental bills accumulating- apparently my insurance isn't that great! Asjusting to a new pay period isn't always fun, but you'll get used to it. I went from being paid weekly to being paid every two weeks this past January and at first it freaked me out, but I've managed! Have fun this weekend though the stress of money may be on your mind (because I know that even when you ty to dismiss it- it doesn't always leave)! Money is annoying. Haha. And kudos for being an honorable employee, I'm sure your boss was very pleased with your honesty and that makes you so reputable! Good luck with everything!

kari said...

Congratulations Tony!

Julia Goolia said...

HOLLA for the cabin in WI. Being in the most fab state around will surely ease your troubles:)

Hang in there, Leah. Finances are freaking stressful in general no matter what, but you'll get through it.

Rachel said...

Wow that must have taken some courage! how scary had they doc'd you for $200 each pay period back to the beginning!

How honorable indeed :-) Glad it worked out in your favor and you're just bad at math!



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