Friday's are intended for randomness.

Friday, August 22, 2008

1. Thank you for the comments yesterday/today. I truly appreciate them. Truly.

2. Amber you are such a sweetheart. Thank you for my premio dos! :) I think I got the most choked up about the fence builder accolade, Tony will beam with pride!

3. Speaking of the hubs, the text I just received:

"So Whisler* turned the cart** hard and flipped it and it landed on my foot. It's not doing well***."

*Whisler is one of his reffing buddies, they are at a benefit golf tourney.
** Cart refers to golf cart!
*** He isn't answering his phone and has not responded to the text!

I'm starting to get worried now and am writing off our plans to go to the State Fair tonight. Tony almost always underestimates or downplays things, so the fact that I originally got "it's not doing well" as opposed to "It's not so hot" or "It kind of hurts" makes me immediately jump to conclusions!

4. This is the weekend of the most broken plans in history, with the same 2 other couples. First we were to go to WI Dells, then one of the couple's family cabin's and now finally the Fair. I really doubt that will happen now. :( Poor Ton!

5. The MN State Fair prides itself as the largest state fair in the country and that you can eat anything under the sun - on a stick.

You want alligator, snickers, pickles, mac n cheese, tatortot hotdish? Sure let's just deep fry it and put it on a stick!

This year one of the new fair foods is a 1/3 lb of bacon . . . deep fried on a stick, with dipping sauce.

6. I'm driving a pretty hot mid-90's white Ford Focus right now . . . because you guessed it, my Vue is back at the dealership . . . since Tuesday. They sent it to a Saturn dealership this time, but did not find it satisfactory and sent it back today. I have no idea when this fiasco will be over, but we just paid our first car payment for a vehicle that has spent more time in the parking lot than our driveway.

I really want to hear from my husband!!!


Julia Goolia said...

oh no, what a tease of a text! I hope he is okay. Enjoy the weekend.

Bekah said...

aw im sure he will be ok.

That stinks about the car...big bummer.

Anonymous said...

I love me some fair food (fresh-squeezed lemonade, King Taters, funnel cakes...) and would be so sad if I had to miss it. I hope Tony is ok!

kari said...

I'm jealous. We missed the fair while we were in Georgia. I love fair food. It's practically guilt free because it's only once a year, right? ;)

Moni said...

I seriously feel like hopping on a plane and meeting you at your state fair!! fried avocado & tomatoes are delish!! mmm and funnel cake and hot dog on a stick! Eat it all for me! =)

Hope your Dh calls you and hope his foot isn't too bad!

Heidi said...

My favorite fair food by far is funnel cake. Can I get that on a stick at the MN State Fair???

AmberDenae said...

Lisa, you're sweet :) You deserved the second award for sure. I love your blog. And you're well deserving of the fence building recognition as well!! haha Sorry about your car again! That is such a bummer!! I would demand a new one if I were you..haha

Have a great and beautiful Sunday!!

Johanna said...

My husband and I went on Friday night to see Brad Paisley and got the "Pig Lickers," (the chocolate covered bacon). They were... weird.


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