Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Another two things that just made my day:

This from the bride:

You were amazing on Friday and Saturday . . . I couldn't have asked for a better person to help me out! Thak you so much, and I need your address! Thanks so much again!

Is it wrong that I'm excited she asked for my address? I provided my service por gratis and was happy to do so . . . but just a little part of me hopes I have some cash coming my way, although a nice Thank You card could prove just as sweet.

Second, that I was selected by my girl Sarah for honoring me with the Brilliante Weblog Premio Award. Yes, I'm doing a fake smile and elbow, elbow, wrist, wrist action as we speak. :)

FWIW . . . Tony had a good long laugh when I told him Sarah's comment, that moi "always seems so positive and full of life - I wish I had her energy!" I'm not sure what to take from his laughter lol, but Sarah I appreciate the nod and would hope that I am similar in real life to what my readers take away of me from my blog.

Keeping in mind who Sarah already nominated, now it's my turn to nominate some other inspirational blogs and bloggers:

Melissa: A wedding/portrait/life photographer with 4 absolutely adorable children, Melissa's candor towards life and ever refreshing portrayal of her working faith in the Lord never fail to provide a great visit.

Kritta: I'm not quite sure what field or occupation she works in, but it obviously employees her mastery of our written language. Even if she is a Wisconsinite, she's a marathon running workhorse with a great sense of humor and ability to capture it in words.

Freckles Chick: Her eye is impeccable, her posts are thought provoking {at the very least creatively speaking} and she seems like a great person.

Erin: Word to wise, do not stop by if you are hungry. Honestly, this girl takes some gorgeous photographs in general, but in combination with her experimenting skills in the kitchen, there's a mean combo. Plus she's from MN and is working on her house . . . my kind of gal.

Julia: Oh my Julia, Julia. Not only do we share a common name in Lorene, she rocks my face off. A down to earth girl, who tackles life with vigor and humor. She's my inspiration to make the jump from 1/2 to full.

Kpapa: Yet another girl who can write and photograph with the best of them. She's working her way through a multi state move leaving behind her beloved MA, at times without her husband, and all while looking through a reflective comical eye. I always visit with a smirk.

Andrea: Yet another photographer, who seems like the crazy beautiful college friend that I never met. Extremely supportive, with great ideas and a beautiful family, including Bailey!

Now to those I nominated, put the logo on your blog and link to the person you received your award from. Nominate at least 7 other blogs and put links to those blogs on your site. Be sure to leave messages on the blogs you’ve nominated so they know about the award. Congrats to all!


Erin said...

aw, thanks Leah!!

Anonymous said...

Aw, you're a peach! Thanks!

(I work in journalism, FYI. Which was my first mistake).

Julia Goolia said...

Such a doll, this one:) Thanks love! I will work on my post soon.

Unknown said...

So sweet Leah! I love that you think of me as the crazy college friend :) Who says Christian girls can't have some good wholesome fun! :)

Freckles Chick said...

Awww, I'm blushing over here. Thanks for making my day, L!!


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