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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Apparently I'm all about the humor recently. Check this gem out from our local paper.

This guy is my neighbor people, as in he lives on my very block only like 4-5 houses down.

One Mounds View property owner will receive a residential kennel license, as approved this week by the City Council. But if he should want to keep peace with his neighbors, he may need to do a better job of cleaning up after his three boxer dogs - and definitely stop being so expressive while mowing his lawn.

With a home in the 8000 block of Woodlawn Drive, the kennel applicant previously kept his dogs in a kennel on a cement slab abutting his garage (and also abutting, reasonably speaking, a neighbor's property directly to the north).

The applicant was not doing a satisfactory job of cleaning up the excrement from that confined space, felt the neighbors to the north, and they reached a point where they agreed the wafting odor was preventing them from sitting and relaxing outdoors in their smaller backyard.The neighbors complained to the City, and soon were "cursed out" by the dogs' owner, the applicant's male neighbor told the council Monday, and soon also saw another four-letter word mown into the dog owner's front lawn in mid-June.

According to a police report filed on Father's Day, June 15, officers found the word "DICK" mown into the dog owner's lawn, with an accompanying arrow in the direction of the northern neighbors' property. The neighbors told police they were planning to ignore that action, until other people started walking past the yard and taking photos.The dog owner admitted to the creative mowing, the police report said. Police told the man that the action could constitute disorderly conduct, and as police were leaving the property that evening the man's son was mowing the front yard so as to "erase" the word.

Odors from the kennel had not been an issue in recent weeks, the neighbors said. The kennel applicant, in addressing the council Monday, said that he had been letting the dogs run around and use his front yard in the warmer weather. He said that he was cleaning up after the dogs as quickly as he could, just not being able to do it in the rain or too soon after rain stops.

Councilmember Joe Flaherty directly asked the applicant Monday when he had last removed any dog droppings from his lawn. "A couple weeks ago," the man replied.Councilmember Carol Mueller noted that failure to regularly clean up after dogs in a yard can cause aggravation while mowing. Her sons once had the chore of cleaning up after a family dog, but soon after Mueller's husband started hitting the piles with his lawn mower wheels, she said, he found a new home and yard for the dog.Mayor Rob Marty noted that he, too, was well familiar with perhaps the least pleasant task associated with owning a dog.It can be a tough job to clean up after dogs outdoors during the cold of winter, Marty said, however then when the weather warms up, "spring is never joyful," he added.

The kennel applicant expressed Monday that he simply wished his neighbors would have brought their initial concern directly to him rather than through the City.He had the three dogs all current on vaccinations, City staff said as they presented the kennel request to the council for review.

Also, to clarify, the reasoning in granting this man a kennel license is the Mounds View rule that you can only have 1 cat and 1 dog OR 2 cats OR 2 dogs.

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