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Saturday, July 26, 2008

So if you haven't noticed on the right column, I included a running tally of how many miles I've run in 2008. I stole the idea from Kritta and well, I love it. I'm going to be completely truthful with it and it's already started to bug the crap out of me when it stays at the same number for too long!

Thankfully this week, I got to add a whopping 6 miles due to the Torchlight on Wednesday and the Lumberjack Days 5K this morning. Tony and I have decided that there is nothing more that we like to do on Saturday mornings than start with a run! I know, we're sick in the head. So here I am in all of my gloriousness at 6:05 am before trekking it Stillwater.
Let's just say that while Tony and I had fun at the Torchlight . . . we didn't feel the greatest about our run, especially not knowing for sure what our time was. It's great to be married and to communicate the unsaid, because we rocked our race today! We both knew we had something to prove to ourselves.

We finished in 26:00 (okay fine, my chip says :01, but we were side by side!), averaging out to a 8:30 min/mile and our fastest 5K so far. :) That made us happy people. Also, we finished 336&7 out of 1100 runners, and I grabbed 88/582 women! :)

Especially because that means we beat Nadia's fastest 5K time at the Torchlight (26:08) and I'm just a competitive biotch like that.


Julia Goolia said...

whoo hoo, congrats! We were up at 6:30 this a.m. to run, too. Not a race, just a long ass run for training. I like the 'total miles' category but I'm too lazy to configure one for myself:)

Leslie G said...

you inspire me! I'm getting a jogging stroller and when the baby arrives, I'm definately putting it to good use!

AJ said...

You are a crazy girl. I'm proud of you though :)

Unknown said...

Good for you!

I love to run too. I've only done a 5K but I really want to run a half or a full marathon sometime in my life. Jim does too...it just seems as though so much stuff gets in the way of training.

One day though..until then, I'll just live my race life through you ;-D

Dusty @AllThingsG+D said...

Congratultions on your race! That's a great time!

Chris | Team Sea-Squared said...

I love how you labeled this post under vanity!

Your adorable - even at 6 a.m.

Jenn said...

You are a crazy girl, but kuddos to you!

leah @maritalbless said...

leslie - there were guys on Sat racing with their kids in strollers!

andrea - you guys should totally do it!


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