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Friday, July 18, 2008

Okay, so remember a bit back when I ordered this? Well it arrived earlier this week, and of course I was disappointed, as the body did not show up to accompany it. Oh well.

I tried it on and did not end up throwing things at the mirror or crumpled into a cellulite pile on the floor. It was, if I dare say it, actually pretty cute . . . save one thing, the excess of my booty spilling out the side. Tony of course said he did not mind at all, but I pleaded with him to remember the innocent onlookers who would not be prepared for the site of my white flesh, and he finally begrugingly agreed that it might not be suitable for small children or, let's be honest, 90% of the population.

So I hopped on VS to order the alternate pair of bottoms, the ones described as offering "full coverage." Obviously not as cute as the pair I opted for the first time! While there I spotted this fun number as well so . . . of course I bought it as well. At this point, returns are definitely going to be made, so what the heck.

So I got this print.
In this body.

My annoyance stems from the fact that when I purchased on Monday, all items were listed as instock . . . when I received my shipment confirmation today however, my blue dot top is now listed as BACKORDERED until OCTOBER!
So . . . now that it's shipped, I could care less if I get the bottoms! I dont' need a suit in Oct, I need a suit now! That's why I bought it now and took care to notice that it was INSTOCK! So I paid for shipping and handling for the bottom of this suit that won't arrive in time for MN summer, and will additionally have to pay for the shipping and handling of it's return!
Bah, rant over, I'm calling VS.

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