Shiny & Dull.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

After being insulted at Warner's Stellian, not understanding a spoken word at ApplianceSmart, not seeing any LG's at Lowe's and not knowing where there was a Sear's with washers and dryers, Tony and I ended up at Best Buy Tuesday night.

Right off the bat, we saw that the 3.6 cu washer & 7.0 cu dryer LG's we'd agreed upon were $100 cheaper at BB than at WS. That made me a happy girl :).

Also making me a happy girl was that right next to the floor models of the LG Tromm's we wanted, was an "Open Item" of the next washer model up for only $20 more than the Tromm washer! Brilliant!
I was so excited, because I really wanted a washer with 4.0 c.u or more and here was a $999 washer, down to $720. Immediately, I'm congratulating myself on spending $20 more than what we'd agreed, but saving in the long run, by purchasing the LG Tromm dryer that was $100 less than at WS.
Win - Win.

Unfortunately, one factor that I forgot about was my husband. Because apparently, my ever practical hubby, decided that when it comes to washers & dryers, fashion trumps function! He would absolutely not budge on the fact that the washer and dryer should be a matched pair! He suddenly claimed that he had OCD and that he wouldn't do laundry if they were unmatched!

Win - Lose.

We honestly stood in Best Buy for an hour, debating back and forth about whether we should get the unmatched pair, or purchase the $720 washer with the $900 dryer! It actually was quite comical and at one point, Tony with exasperation and a smile said to me: "How does this relationship even work?!" It was quite funny I tell you, not something to be concerned about. :) I hope.

Tony: {in a whiny voice - which doesn't happen often} But Leah, one's shiny and one's dull! I don't want to deal with that!
Me: Yeah, well, people in our lives have to deal with it all the time . . . because I'm shiny and you're, Ow!

He pinched me! Lol, he didn't let me finish, even though I was joking!

I gave in repeatedly, Tony gave in repeatedly. Whenever he gave in, I asked him why. Whenever I gave in Tony kept talking lol. It finally came down to who was going to be annoyed by not getting their way, and it was agreed that Tony's a lot better at getting over being annoyed than I am - although just as valid an arguement would have been that Tony's alot more used to me being annoyed and coping with me, than I with him. Lol.

I won. Win - Win.

As we were leaving the store though, Tony couldn't help but say: "I want them both to be shiny." Of course you can imagine the pouting lip. :)

Was that a really scary glimpse into our relationship?


Unknown said...

LOL. Great story!

I'm not looking forward to the day we have to buy a new washer and dryer. Ours came when we bought the house and I have a feeling they will need to be replaced in the near future. If I know my husband, he would buy a pink washing machine and a polka dot dryer if it meant saving a lot of money. LOL!

Dylan's Mommy said...

LOL! I can totally hear this conversation between you two. My SIL just bought her new washer and dryer and they don't match. One is shiny, one is dull. I hate to say it, but I am going to agree with your dh. The mis-matched would drive me nuts! Haha. They're still awesome though. Have fun with your lovely, new W/D.

Anonymous said...

LOL, that is too funny!! And I'm totally jealous of the new W/D. My brother recently got a similar set, but his are this awesome shade of green. I swoon every time I see them.

abby said...

What a deal, I would have done the same! Of course our washer is a 1989 Whirlpool and the dryer is a 1970-something Kenmore, so I'm not one to pick on matching. They're both still chugging along, but I am looking forward to the day I can get a pretty front-loading set!

Sarah said...

That is absolutely hilarious, and I think it bodes well for your future (especially that one of you didn't end up a total whiny pouty mess) :-)

Julia Goolia said...

Such a fascinating glimpse into your life:) Loved it.

Julia Goolia said...

Such a fascinating glimpse into your life:) Loved it.

AJ said...

How I would've loved to be a fly on the wall, giggling at you two. I'm glad you were able to compromise and make a decision that you both can be happy with (or that one of you can get over). YAY for new washer and dryer!

Madeline said...

Hahaha...too funny. Yet I could totally see Geoff and I do the same darn thing (for a guy that doesn't "care" about most things, when he does, he picks the dumbest things to have a issue about)

Unknown said...

I have the LG models you're talking about (well, ours is a matched set and I think we went with the slightly more expensive ones because they were a wedding gift from a parent that works at BB so they ended up being the same price as the model one step down. Yay for the discount!). You're going to love them! They are so functional and easy to use.

Megan said...

All I can do is laugh! That is hilarious.

Heidi said...

I found your blog through the Nest. I must say I really enjoy hearing how my husband and I aren't that crazy. We go through the same things as other couples.
In regards to the washer and dryer. I think it's hilarious that your husband would claim he couldn't do laundry because the two didn't match.

Dylan's Mommy said...

you've been tagged! check my blog for details! :)

Chris | Team Sea-Squared said...

Too funny! I have washer & dryer envy right now! I, being OCD as I am, would have to agree with Tony on the shiny dull thing. They would have to match or I wouldn't be able to pull the trigger on the purchase. I'm all anal like that. Holler.


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