Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tony came home from the try-outs about 7:45 last night, which I thought was exceptionally early as he was 20 minutes away from home and they were only to start at 6:00!

Turns out they got started about 25 minutes early, due to the fact that everyone was already there! Do you think he was with a bunch of type-a's or what?

Overall, Tony was impressed with the group invited. There were roughly 40 guys, but at least 15 of whom Tony said did not stand a chance. The promised one hour of off-ice time was actually only about 35 minutes, so they were able to take to the ice pretty quickly. They were asked to perform a series of power turns, both forwards and backwards, in addition to a skate-off.

They broke into 4 lines, with the winner of each heat advancing on to the next round until they had the final 4 guys. As Tony put it, he came in 2nd of his heat, which is a nice way of saying he lost right away. Something to be considered though was that he lost to the guy who took 2nd in the final heat . . . so not too shabby to go out in the first round to him. Tony said it was extremely close as well - so hey.

He felt a little shaking on his first power turn. Unfortunately, as luck would have it, he ended up starting the line, so he had to go first. I remember the feeling too well, of being the first in a sprint or to try a new drill - yuck. I guess the ice was all chopped up as well, so after the forward power turns they resurfaced before the backwards power turns. Ton felt much better about the backwards ones.

Reviewing the skaters were 7 head officials, 3 on the ice and 4 in the stands. As for Tony's chances, regardless of how he performed? One of the on ice and 3 of the in stand officials took it upon themselves to refer Tony. :)

All of the hopefuls were informed that there had been a 15 person try-out up North, and that they would be taken into consideration, in addition to the guys in the Metro. Tony was told that he would be contacted within two weeks if they would be needing him.

So that's that.


Chris | Team Sea-Squared said...

*fingers crossed*

Megan said...

Sounds promising!!!

Megan said...
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