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Thursday, July 24, 2008

1. Tony and I ran our first race since the 1/2 last night. We ran the Lifetime Fitness Torchlight 5K. What's funny and of significance is that just a year ago we ran this same race - and it was our first race ever. We actually trained for 2 months to run it! This time around . . . other than soccer and a few 3 mile runs, I haven't been running consistently and Tony hasn't run at all! We finished with a 27:40 clock time* (almost the same as last year!), but have no idea what our adjusted watch time would have been. *Clock time = race start not when we actually crossed the start line.

2. Before the race started we were sitting on the curb and a runner came up and asked if we knew what time it was. I replied that we didn't now, but Tony stood up and shook the man's hand! It took me about 5 seconds, just before he introduced himself, for me to realize that it was R. T. Ryback, the mayor of Minneapolis. I have to admit, I was kind of starstruck. He talked 5K's, triathlons and 1/2 marathons with us for a bit before moving on.

3. Only my husband can/would recognize a former Gopher hockey player, granted he played on the team who won two National Championships, from 5 years ago! Just as we were leaving downtown last night Tony goes to grab some guys hand, it took a few seconds, but Troy Riddle finally remembered Tony from playing summer hockey with him . . . almost 10 years ago!

4. On top of that I ran into 8 people that I knew either from school, Target or soccer. Craziness.

5. Tony finally snapped me into slightly less annoyance.

Poll Results:

With exactly half the participants as before at 18 responders . . . 3 voters were correct with answer (d). I've never been nicknamed Blondie!

(a) My high school soccer coach nicknamed me Sucky. I know confidence inspiring. I said it after every shanked shot and he finally started calling me it . . . what can I say? I was a defender, I didn't shoot that well then.

(b) Leum . . . the most Leah can be stretched into a nickname. My soccer girls were responsible. I'm still called by this by a few.

(c) Casper . . . because I was as white as the friendly ghost!

1 comment:

AJ said...

Ok, I didn't see the word NOT In your poll. I like to think I would've gotten it right if I would've seen it. Booo!!! I fail.


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