It's that time again.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Apparently, I've been tagged. And not once, but twice, by these two lovely ladies, freckles chick and etxwife.

So here goes, my attempt to be somewhat witty, although I have the feeling I'll fail miserably, at 6 random tidbits about myself.

1. In 6th grade my Mom had to bribe me with $20 or A Little Princess to run our timed mile in under 10, because there was cause for concern based on my previous 16 minute times.
2. In 2nd grade I won a blue ribbon at a speech competition for my recital of the poem: Freckles. Complete with hand motions. In my mind, I can still hear the cadence to the poem, but googling the words I remember does not bring any results.

3. I've been listening to Heidi Newfield's Johhny and June on repeat for almost an hour now.

4. Tony and I will celebrate our 2 year anniverary on Tuesday, the 5th. It's insanity I tell you. Seriously, I'm just sitting here in disbelief that this time has been so short. Last year Tony purchased our present, so this year I decided and was blessed by someone out in the blogging world posting about Phunklab, another etsy seller! What he does is take your photo, include text and turns it into art!

I'm so freaking excited, because he will even use your vows or selected text! So fitting!
5. I think girls suck. Women are slightly better. I consider myself a good friend, but haven't been able to have a "best friend" or kept one, since I was 14. I think that's sad my friends. I honestly felt like I knew what Paris was getting at recently when she had her open audition for a best friend. Okay, that's stretching it, I hope to never have a similar thought to Paris, but at it's core, I understood, I think.

6. Tony and I bought this house:
With the thought to turn it into this house:
90% of the time I think we're crazy. In 5 years we'll find out, because I anticipate that in 5 years we will outgrow our 2 bedroom house and I'm not sure if we'll have the money for the necessary addition. But we're here, hopefully in our forever house.

You are my six: kg, andrea, julia, abby, and erin.

So here are the Tag rules (do with them what you will):
1. Link to the person who tagged you (i.e. me)
2. Post the rules on your blog
3. Write 6 random things about yourself
4. Tag 6 people at the end of your post and link to them
5. Let each person you have tagged know by leaving a comment on their blog
6. Let the tagger (me) know when your entry is posted


Dylan's Mommy said...

Leah, I totally feel ya on the friend thing. Good friends are SO hard to come by, especially as an adult. I was talking to a co-worker today about that. She asked me if I had made any best friends since I've lived here in TX. The answer is no. I have met really great people whom I consider my friends. But I really long to have that one awesome best friend.

Unknown said...

I'm it!

I love your anniversary gift! Very cute :-D

Erin said...

ooooh my first time being tagged :)

first, I love The Little Princess. I am not joking, I just rented it from Netflix like 3 months ago! (since I only own the VHS version...)

second, I will complete my entry tomorrow!! Busy day today, but didn't want you to think I was slacking! :)

Kelly said...

I just heard about Phunklab on another blog. Very cool. I love their birth annoucements too.

Erin said...

done :)

AJ said...

Do I suck? I agree that a lot of girls can be catty, but not all are. Sad thing is, it starts at a very young age. My first graders were catty with each other! It must be inherent in some little bodies.

Becky said...

I love "Johnny and June!"

Also, brand new cars really should start when you turn the key. How frustrating!! Seems like our cars are never drama-free either. Good luck!


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