Grammar lesson at 7:30 am

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bah - I got into work today and was immediately pounced on by one of my principal architects.

Last week, I wrote a quip of a response to a non work related email. This email ended with "Jim and I."

Apparently this blatant disregard for the English language constituted a grammar lesson, no sooner than my butt cheeks hitting my chair.

The approach: "I've noticed you have a problem with the correct usage of me and I."

It was honestly said: "I know that they kind of stopped teaching this after I got out of school."

Closure: "Do you think you've got it?"

All before morning coffee people!

I'm not an English major, but . . . I have been praised for my word crafting. Give me a freaking break if I write a personal email incorrectly!


Anonymous said...

This guy sounds like a tool. How ridic!

Unknown said...

Oh picky!!!

AJ said...

Wow. Good morning to you too, kind sir!

Julia Goolia said...

he must be angry at the world and generally unhappy to worry about those types of things!

kathleen said...

There is no excuse. None. Under no circumstances should he act like that before morning coffee.


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