Day from hell.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

"You know, we hired you to deal with all of this crap."

"So who will be doing the artwork for this?"

"Do you have any graphic design experience?"

"So Saturday, I want you and Tony at their Open House from 10-4. You'll be grilling brats as a fundraiser."

All of these gems are from one of the principal architects who hired me, 11 weeks ago. I have designed 3 proposals for him - all obviously involving graphic design AND who decided that with less than 1 weeks notice that Tony and I should give up Saturday to throw more of the company's money away at an Open House for a job that we LOST money on.

To top it off, we are 2 months into redesigning our website and he completely barged into a meeting today with our communications firm, demanding that his wants for the website were heard!


AmberDenae said...

Ohh dear...I FEEL you on that one. I have had many days like that. I work in an insurance office and oh boy do I know what a day of hell is like. There is nothing like getting chewed out for something you had NOTHING to do with. =\ Hope your day gets better

Sarah said...

Oh no, I'm sorry - here's hoping you can have a strong drink when you get home (or a good run)!

AJ said...

oooo that sucks. I'm sorry you had such a bad day. I hope the rest of the week is better. And BOO to them for making plans for you this weekend. Just show 'em how you're a lean, mean grilling machine and maybe that will butter them up a bit :)

Freckles Chick said...

Ugh, why are people such arses?! It reminds me of Office Space when Lumberg wants him to come in on Sat.

You'll tackle it w/ your mad skills, I know it =)


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