Saturday, June 7, 2008

My grandpa's doctor was the one who informed the family that nothing else could be done for his heart, however after consulting a different specialist a surgery was scheduled.

My grandpa just had additional stints put in this past winter, but this doctor decided more could be added. Apparently the clean up from his double bypass, which was atleast 10 years ago, has included massive scarring. These new stints should help, apparently they are special and help with stopping the bodies natural tendency towards scar tissue? I have no idea. Definitely not my area of expertise.

He went in for his 5th heart surgery yesterday and managed to make it back out.

I'm scared to lose him.

My mom's parents are my Grandparents. Sure, I had 3 other sets, but not really. They didn't even come close. That might seem calloused, especially since I have lost 4 out of the 6, with my Dad's mom and stepdad's mom they only two remaining . . . but they were more like aunt's and uncles.

I grew up with my Grandparents 5 minutes away. My grandma stopped by most every day while my Mom was doing daycare with some little thing she picked up at a garage sale or some special food she thought we'd enjoy. Most of my favorite memories of my childhood involve my grandparents or their house. My Grandpa could always be good for: "Not those kids again!" But I knew he didn't mean it, he loves my brother and I so much.

If you guys thought he was cute before, that was before knowing his name is Elmer. :) His sense of humor is hilarious. I remember the first few times Tony met him, he was so unsure of himself. Tony never knew where my Grandpa was going to come from next!

Even now, in the hospital he's joking around. He accused my Grandma's cooking of laying him up, or that she was going to kick him out so he had to arrange a bed for himself somehow.


Chris | Team Sea-Squared said...

Elmer - Awww, I love it. The suspenders are the best. He's adorable and I'm glad to hear he made it through surgery!

Megan said...

Still praying everytime you come to mind! Keep us updated.


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