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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It appears the lovely Dr. Erin has tagged me.

1. Sometimes I need reminding, but marrying Tony was the single greatest action of my life. I honestly know I could not survive without him.

This was a week before we were engaged.

2. I should have an older brother, named Philip. He died at age 1 1/2 due to complications at his birth, when the doctor failed to be in the room. His loss developed my Mother's approach to parenting. She was sooo over protective and was dismissive of it, because she rationalized everything because of him. I think I've resented him for years, which is truly unfortunate.

3. I really wish that we lived in a communist country. I'm kidding, but wouldn't it be amazing? If human nature were not a factor, and we all just lived to be normal, so that our neighbors could be normal? Such an amazing, completely unrealistic concept.

4. I'm scared to be pregnant. We're thinking this fall to conceive . . . but as much fun as I'm having entertaining the thought and taking my prenatals. I'm literally scared to death. What if I I'm not cut out for it? What if what we've accomplished together so far isn't enough, as in we'll regret how early we had kids? On the flip side, what if we don't get pregnant? What will that do to our relationship? I've noticed that through blogs I've started to emphathize with infertiles, and it's starting to make me wonder if my body knows something I do not. Which doesn't make any sense at all.

5. This was me, less than a year ago. I need to continue to make and accomplish goals like I have so far this year. Running has done my body good. Last summer, I was training for 5K's, playing soccer once a week and eating healthy . . . which obviously was not enough for my body. I want to look like this again, I'm sort of inbetween right now.

6. I get on huge food kicks. Like I'll eat the same thing for dinner repetitively for a few weeks. One of the only things that I do not phase out of is hummus. I love, love, love hummus. I could eat it every day. Right now the kick is Archer Farms Thai Peanut Sauce.

7. I used to be quite the poker player. My ex boyfriend taught me. It was the best part of our relationship.

8. I actually do not have a tatoo. At the bachelorette party, the stars on my arm were stickers. However, Tony and I have spoken of getting tatoos of the others initials on the palm side of our ring finger. Tastefully.

I'm tagging Megan of Mrs.Keith, even though she's going to be busy moving, and my Gnome Girl.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog Leah. I love your honesty.

And I'd kill for your body in that pic of you on your honeymoon! I've gained weight since our wedding, and I was trying on clothes today, realizing that I seriously need to get in gear.

GnomeSweetGnome said...

I'm excited that you tagged me, but now I need to know what I'm supposed to do. LOL! I will also be adding you to my blog roll. :-)

Amanda said...

Tattoos on the palm won't stay, just an FYI. The skin regenerates itself too often.

Amanda said...

oh, this is emoflamingo. My bad.

Ashley @ Our Happily Ever Afters said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I'll enjoy looking at yours :)

Unknown said...

Well, obviously I figured out what to do. Thanks for the compliments on my microwave cart! It's not quite that bright IRL, but close. We're going to add a poly coat to the top in case there are spills. And we leave for our 2nd anniversary trip tomorrow EARLY! YAY!

coco le'shea said...

hey girl, thanks for commenting on my blog! i enjoyed your #6 fact as i do the same thing! i will even buy the exact same things at the grocery store for weeks at a time...right now i'm on egg beaters omelets :)


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