Bonfires commence!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tony and welcomed our backyard to our friends last night, for the first bonfire of the season! It was so great to have everyone over again.

I, as customary, finished a bottle of Vihno Verde from Trader Joes. Super tasty . . . but I didn't feel it. At all.

Until all of a sudden I saw a woman in our backyard, the unfenced part. All conversations ceased immediately, except for Allie who did not let up on barking. It was quickly determined that she was either high as a kite or mentally handicapped. She was trying to find her dog, who did surface, but ran away again as soon as Allie starting barking. She was wearing a silk sleep set and told us that she didn't know where her house was. We called the cops, who asked that we stand at the end of driveway so that we could motion over the patrol car . . . while our friends spoke with Jennifer. Now Mounds View is 4 sq miles, and yet it took 15 minutes for the cop to show. During which time Jennifer left the gated part of back yard, citing that her Dad told her to not talk to strangers. Tony and I felt a little foolish that she wasn't there, Tony walked with the officer for a few mintues before he left. We really felt like he thought we were making it up, but a few minutes later received a phone call from the dispatcher that she had been seen at another bonfire down the street. The people there knew her and saw her go back to her house.

So, that was interesting.

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