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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Yesterday morning, I set up time with my buyer at the crack of 9:00 for a quick touchbase in an enclave. No sooner than we enter the room, she just wanted to know what was up. She said that's she's been around long enough to know, when a random meeting pops up first thing Monday morning, it's not good news.

When I broke it to her, she seemed genuinely excited and said that it seemed like a perfect fit for me. I requested the opportunity to contact her in the future, as she was an account exec at an advertising agency.

After that it was all business, as she prepares for my replacement. Unfortunately she only has two options. Yikes.

I informed my previous buyer, after he discussed my most recent raise information lol. I told him, that's nice, but it only affects me for two weeks. He was shocked but extremely happy for me.

I still haven't spoken with my senior buyer. I feel like I truly disappointed her. It was completely unfortunate timing for this team, as I was just placed 1 1/2 months ago. However, I can truthfully say that I did not seek this out! And that makes me feel just a tich bit better.

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