Sunday, March 2, 2008

Last night I had a lot of fun going to the St.Johns/Hamline MIAC semi final game. Tony was a linesman, and received a TON of heckling during the game. Tickets actually sold out, and my brother, his friends, and Aaron and Missy were lucky to have gotten in. I arrived bright and early to save seats so we were taken care of. In passing Tony had mentioned Brad and his fiance were coming and sure enough, I saw them right as they came in.

Brad ended up getting in an argument with the man behind us, and he just would not back down! Neither one of them sounded intelligent and I wanted to say my piece as well, but held back. Hockey is not my sport and I wouldn't want to sound even more stupid.

We went to Sweeney's afterwards, had some $.50 wings and some beer. The wings were ginormous!! It was a good time with Aaron and Missy, albeit odd. I've known Missy since she was in kindergarten and all I kept thinking about was that they were probably having sex.

Aaron's employer, Murphy Bros has an exhibit at the Home and Garden Show, so he snagged us free tickets! I'm so excited! Hopefully I don't come back depressed! Lol.

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