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Friday, March 7, 2008

I got home from work a little early today, and it was my turn to try to coax Allie out of her kennel. She was spayed last Thursday and has been a complete head case ever since. She's urinated in the house 3 times, is grabbing our shoes/socks and taking them to bed with her, and is just moping.

Tony, being the guy that he is, has tried to punish her, even though I've tried telling him that she's going through menopause and that dogs have hormones too!

So, I get home and she will not come out, but on top of this, she is convulsing. Like total body convulsions, so I ran upstairs and called our vet, who is only 5 mins away. We've already been concerned as she hasn't be eating much, so we had an appt for 8:00 tomorrow morning, but I called and they wanted to see her tonight.

It was trouble getting her out of the kennel, but I finally coaxed her out. Once we got in the car, she was happy and excited, like usual. No convulsions once we got to the vet, but they were very concerned as well, considering she's lost 5 lbs!

They gave me an estimate to share with Tony, $335!

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