Wow. It's starting.

Friday, February 22, 2008

I think it's really happening. A chance at a fulfilling job. Or atleast better motion towards a fulfilling job.

I got an interview for the Associate Specialist Creative Buyer position! Even if I bomb this I will still be ecstatic. It's the beginning. I'm in the pool. Apparently my informational was enough . . . although I'm starting to wonder if it even could have something to do with the informational because the pool is decided by an outside source and not the man I met with. Although, now his opinion does matter.

My Mom wants to buy me a new outfit or something to interview in.

On the downside, even though Angeli has promised me that she would be happy for me . . . I'm praying that this opportunity isn't at the cost of a friendship.

It's all in your control Lord.

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AJ said...

oooo! Good luck. I hope things work out!


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