Monday, February 25, 2008

There are two additional candidates. Good. So I now have a 75% chance of not getting it.

I haven't spoken to Ang since her vague response, which ignored my request to meet for coffee, because we haven't spoken in ages. Bad.

I'm sitting here at home after getting out of work. Good.

Tony wrote me the sweetest letter ever today. Good.

Remember to trust in the Lord with everything and he will take care of what his plan is for the both of you. I am praying for the best and I SO want you to get this new position as I have a great feeling it would challenge you and you would thrive at it! I strongly feel it would bring much more joy into your career life.

You are one of the most competitive people I have ever had the privilege of knowing and I love that I am married to a person with as much drive as you have! I know either way it, it could be a touchy subject for both of you, but selfishly I want you to knock her socks off!! You deserve to have this position and I know you would be excellent at it.

I have heard that most of the time experience is not what gains a person the job, but personality, willingness to learn, and how a person would fit in with the team is what an interviewer is looking for. These are all traits that you pocess and I pray they shine through tomorrow!

Don't doubt yourself in ANY way! God has placed you in this position for a very specific reason. Glorify and honor him through this process and he will reward you. I love you and I pray for strength, protection, and that you are quick on your feet with words and actions.

Whatever you do, Whether in word or deed, Do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus. Col 3:17

So the problem is, after all that, I want Angeli to get it. I want to have a fantastic interview so that I'm on deck when the next position opens, but I want her to have it. I truly do, with all of my heart. And the worst part is that as a friend, I'm not sure she'd say the same for me.

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Sea Squared said...

Awww! I think Tony has won the sweetest Hubs award! What a sweet letter. Knock em dead today girl!


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