Partly to blame.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Now, I'm completely shellshocked. I found out this morning through some calendar surfing that there is only one other person interviewing! So I'm ecstatic. I called off of work tonight, because I need the extra time. I'm suddenly at a 50/50 chance here!

I attempted to communicate with Angeli this morning and was basically given the most vague responses ever, in addition to a rejection to weekend plans. That's awesome coupled with the text messages I sent that were never replied to. Makes me feel fanfreakingtastic.

So I go to my calendar again to see if there were more private appts up on the three interviewers calendars, but I still had Angeli's calendar up. Wouldn't you know. She suddenly has a private appt.

She's the other candidate. It's us, only. Against each other.

I want to throw up.

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Sea Squared said...

You are going to rock it tomorrow girl! Good luck and let me know how it goes! I'm going to say a prayer for you tonight. Kick some interview bootay tomorrow!


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