I'm giving myself an ulcer.

Friday, February 8, 2008

So after weeks of side mouth talking, there are some movements happening at work. And apparently, it's all going to happen in the same week.

Scenario #1: Our promo coord was promoted. A fellow MC, who's buyer supervises the PMC position, is recommended for the job. Speculations begin that I will take the D13/14 MC position. Here whispers of fellow MC's promotion, only to hear she didn't get the PMC, but did get Sr. No dice.

Scenario #2: I contact my mentor to get set up with an informational interview for a very compelling job opening, only to have her forward my request to the hiring manager! Big no-no. I tell my best friend, which apparently upsets her, because it's her "dream job" and she doesn't want us to compete. Interview goes beyond well, I'm asked to apply for the position.

Scenario #3: Return from informational interview to a meeting request with Hosiery/Bodywear Sr Buyer. This sucks. They have virtually no ISM opportunities, where I want to go, and I'll be leaving the division where I have already established my desire and willingness to take on additional projects in the ad world. While dwelling on how much this sucks, I find out that the dept has two MC's which completely defeats the purpose of my move!

Update: Friend is being a good friend and is hopefully no longer pissed at me. Buyer has changed his stance from 2 MC's defeating the purpose of the move, and is now saying that atleast I would be the most seniored.

Scenario #4: Just found out that the other MC in my dept is exploring options and will potentially be gone in 3 weeks. If I can hold out 3 weeks from being placed, I could potentially stay in dept, in front of the faces I've already established a connection with, take over advertising and be senior.

I'm really sick to my stomach. There is too much speculation going on and too much hidden from the truth.

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AJ said...

Leah, Wow. That's a lot of movement! I hope you hear something fairly soon. I'm thinking of you!


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