Continuing to give myself an ulcer.

Friday, February 8, 2008

As it stands right now.

I'll be moving to Bodywear/Performance wear (C9). I'm on the fence about this decision because the opportunities seem severely less than those already presented in ready-to-wear. However after my informational with the Sr. Buyer, and with my self proclaimed mentor, I believe they may not be as bad as originally thought.

It was my mentor's, Amy, perspective that taking a 2nd experience regardless would look better for me and that the Promo Coord of IHP could do a little more reaching out to her marketing partners. Amy thinks I could do really well assisting her and making a name for myself.

I will not be starting Monday, as my start date has to be on Sunday and no paperwork was submitted, so at the soonest it will be the 18th.

This is all taking into account of course that no further developments happen with the two jobs that I applied for. Specifically the one involving my best friend.

We spoke today and have an understanding, however, I just received a text message from her asking if I would be upset if the situation were reversed. I think that no matter how I explain it the emotions involved are allowing her to only see my applying as a willful betrayal to her.

My head has been hurting for 4 days straight and I'm not eating much, the latter I'm not as upset about.

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