This Weekend.

Friday, February 29, 2008

This weekend should be fun, in an escapist sort of way. Tonight, though, I'll have to rough through. Tony will be reffing. Tomorrow we're going to a couples baby shower for his cousin, Sunday will be the Home & Garden Show, followed by his Grandpa's birthday party, after which I have my soccer game.

I just need to get through tonight and Saturday night.

I wish I felt relief.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm not sure I even will after a decision has been made. I emailed my thank you letter, so that's done. Now I just have to wait until I take my Assessment tomorrow.

Finding out that there were two openings really seemed to strike the right chord with me. I feel as though there was a specific purpose as to why I was praying that Angeli would get it. I'm allowing myself to hope and put faith into that reason be that we both get the position.

I'm going to email her before I leave, just simply "I'm praying for you." There can't be harm in that right?

I sure hope not.


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm not quite sure how I feel. The interview seemed to have gone well. I was told it went well and that I looked nice, by a gay man. I felt good about 90% of my questions and answers.

I found out that I was specifically asked for.

I found out that there are two open positions. TWO.

How amazing would it be for Angeli to get one and I the other.

Fast forward to this evening. I was a girl. I called Betty, out mutual friend, to find out how Angeli's doing since they supposedly went to coffee this afternoon, considering the fact that she changed her facebook status to "kind of annoyed with fake people." From Betty, she had no idea that Angeli was interviewing, at first, but at the end of the conversation she said something along the lines that Angeli was excited for both positions. So that seems fishy.

I want my best friend back.

This day has the potential

to change the rest of my life. Honestly it does, whether the interview goes well or terribly, regardless of if I even were to get the job. This day will effect my career indefinitely.

My daily devotion:
The Lord said to Moses, "Is the Lord’s power limited? Now you shall see whether My word will come true for you or not."

Please let this knowledge quiet my heart, Lord, I know it's all in your control.


Monday, February 25, 2008

There are two additional candidates. Good. So I now have a 75% chance of not getting it.

I haven't spoken to Ang since her vague response, which ignored my request to meet for coffee, because we haven't spoken in ages. Bad.

I'm sitting here at home after getting out of work. Good.

Tony wrote me the sweetest letter ever today. Good.

Remember to trust in the Lord with everything and he will take care of what his plan is for the both of you. I am praying for the best and I SO want you to get this new position as I have a great feeling it would challenge you and you would thrive at it! I strongly feel it would bring much more joy into your career life.

You are one of the most competitive people I have ever had the privilege of knowing and I love that I am married to a person with as much drive as you have! I know either way it, it could be a touchy subject for both of you, but selfishly I want you to knock her socks off!! You deserve to have this position and I know you would be excellent at it.

I have heard that most of the time experience is not what gains a person the job, but personality, willingness to learn, and how a person would fit in with the team is what an interviewer is looking for. These are all traits that you pocess and I pray they shine through tomorrow!

Don't doubt yourself in ANY way! God has placed you in this position for a very specific reason. Glorify and honor him through this process and he will reward you. I love you and I pray for strength, protection, and that you are quick on your feet with words and actions.

Whatever you do, Whether in word or deed, Do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus. Col 3:17

So the problem is, after all that, I want Angeli to get it. I want to have a fantastic interview so that I'm on deck when the next position opens, but I want her to have it. I truly do, with all of my heart. And the worst part is that as a friend, I'm not sure she'd say the same for me.

Partly to blame.

Now, I'm completely shellshocked. I found out this morning through some calendar surfing that there is only one other person interviewing! So I'm ecstatic. I called off of work tonight, because I need the extra time. I'm suddenly at a 50/50 chance here!

I attempted to communicate with Angeli this morning and was basically given the most vague responses ever, in addition to a rejection to weekend plans. That's awesome coupled with the text messages I sent that were never replied to. Makes me feel fanfreakingtastic.

So I go to my calendar again to see if there were more private appts up on the three interviewers calendars, but I still had Angeli's calendar up. Wouldn't you know. She suddenly has a private appt.

She's the other candidate. It's us, only. Against each other.

I want to throw up.

Wow. It's starting.

Friday, February 22, 2008

I think it's really happening. A chance at a fulfilling job. Or atleast better motion towards a fulfilling job.

I got an interview for the Associate Specialist Creative Buyer position! Even if I bomb this I will still be ecstatic. It's the beginning. I'm in the pool. Apparently my informational was enough . . . although I'm starting to wonder if it even could have something to do with the informational because the pool is decided by an outside source and not the man I met with. Although, now his opinion does matter.

My Mom wants to buy me a new outfit or something to interview in.

On the downside, even though Angeli has promised me that she would be happy for me . . . I'm praying that this opportunity isn't at the cost of a friendship.

It's all in your control Lord.

It's official.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I'm moving departments. I'll have three days of overlap with my backfill, Julie who will hopefully be placed in department, and those same three days to overlap with Molly who I'm replacing.

This also comes with a promotion! I'm so excited, I wasn't sure it was actually going to happen, and now it is! Tony still makes $5 more than I, but atleast I'm getting closer lol.

I have not acheived a single thing this weekend.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

And I could not be more happy about it. I've washed about 5 rounds of dishes but that's about it. Oh and checked up with Rachel on the adoption, and texted Angeli to make sure she still loves me.

Tony's going a little stir crazy, but after the week I had, coupled with the temp, I knew I wasn't going to do much this weekend. Besides sex, he has gotten more sex than usual. :)

Continuing to give myself an ulcer.

Friday, February 8, 2008

As it stands right now.

I'll be moving to Bodywear/Performance wear (C9). I'm on the fence about this decision because the opportunities seem severely less than those already presented in ready-to-wear. However after my informational with the Sr. Buyer, and with my self proclaimed mentor, I believe they may not be as bad as originally thought.

It was my mentor's, Amy, perspective that taking a 2nd experience regardless would look better for me and that the Promo Coord of IHP could do a little more reaching out to her marketing partners. Amy thinks I could do really well assisting her and making a name for myself.

I will not be starting Monday, as my start date has to be on Sunday and no paperwork was submitted, so at the soonest it will be the 18th.

This is all taking into account of course that no further developments happen with the two jobs that I applied for. Specifically the one involving my best friend.

We spoke today and have an understanding, however, I just received a text message from her asking if I would be upset if the situation were reversed. I think that no matter how I explain it the emotions involved are allowing her to only see my applying as a willful betrayal to her.

My head has been hurting for 4 days straight and I'm not eating much, the latter I'm not as upset about.

I'm giving myself an ulcer.

So after weeks of side mouth talking, there are some movements happening at work. And apparently, it's all going to happen in the same week.

Scenario #1: Our promo coord was promoted. A fellow MC, who's buyer supervises the PMC position, is recommended for the job. Speculations begin that I will take the D13/14 MC position. Here whispers of fellow MC's promotion, only to hear she didn't get the PMC, but did get Sr. No dice.

Scenario #2: I contact my mentor to get set up with an informational interview for a very compelling job opening, only to have her forward my request to the hiring manager! Big no-no. I tell my best friend, which apparently upsets her, because it's her "dream job" and she doesn't want us to compete. Interview goes beyond well, I'm asked to apply for the position.

Scenario #3: Return from informational interview to a meeting request with Hosiery/Bodywear Sr Buyer. This sucks. They have virtually no ISM opportunities, where I want to go, and I'll be leaving the division where I have already established my desire and willingness to take on additional projects in the ad world. While dwelling on how much this sucks, I find out that the dept has two MC's which completely defeats the purpose of my move!

Update: Friend is being a good friend and is hopefully no longer pissed at me. Buyer has changed his stance from 2 MC's defeating the purpose of the move, and is now saying that atleast I would be the most seniored.

Scenario #4: Just found out that the other MC in my dept is exploring options and will potentially be gone in 3 weeks. If I can hold out 3 weeks from being placed, I could potentially stay in dept, in front of the faces I've already established a connection with, take over advertising and be senior.

I'm really sick to my stomach. There is too much speculation going on and too much hidden from the truth.

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