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Sunday, January 20, 2008

So Thursday I have a touchbase with my HR rep Brad. I wasn't quite sure how I was going to approach all of my events in the past month, but he did all of the leading. Here's our conversation.

Brad: So getting into Marketing is difficult, but you say you have experience in ISM and you're Senior, so.
Me: No, I'm not Senior.
Brad: Oh, well, when did you start?
Me: November.
Brad: Just this past Nov?
Me: No, of '06.
Brad: Okay . . . so how's that coming.
Me: Well, funny you should ask. It came out through a GAPS review that it is my supervisors opinion that I'm unhappy, but that my communication ability and personality are strengths and that I continue to rise above and beyond. It's their opinion that I should move to a new placement.
Brad: Well, how about going for Senior?
Me: No, I'm under the impression that the move would be without Senior and that what ever set back I face in moving to a new dept, I would face that much challenge if I stay in dept and try for Senior.
Brad: So have you talked to your manager about Senior.
Me: (growing more frustrated) No, not past the conversation that led me to believe that I will not get Senior in dept for 4-6 months and that they think I should move to a new dept.
Brad: Okay, well do you think I should have this conversation with him?
Me: Um, sure (knock yourself out, can't hurt).

So then I get back in dept, where my Senior Buyer, aka boss's boss, asks if we can have our touchbase 24 hours sooner than anticipated, as in right that second. Okay sure, she says jump, automatically I ask how high.

So we touchbase, and have a good conversation. Just as I'm about to leave, thinking that I dodged a bullet by choking through a tb I wasn't prepared for she asks "So how are things going?" Dun, dun, dun.

Me: Good, good.
Alisa: I hear that you're ready to fly solo and are looking to move on?
Me: Yes, that was the plan, but I just spoke with Brad W and he wasn't too keen on the idea, and thought I should have senior first.
Alisa: Now why would he think that?
Me: Well he seems to think that moving without Senior will not help me in the future.
Me: Oh, um, well I was under the impression that even if it was a set back that it would be the same amount of time I would be in dept before I received Senior.
Alisa: No, no, if Brad thinks you should have Senior, then of course we'll work on that. We have a whole list of rockstar things you've done.
Me: Oh okay.
Alisa: I'll talk to Brad.


This is a potential $4 raise, coupled with my yearly merit increase, and you're just going to toss that around nonchalantly?! Then again, my SB's annual bonus is the same as my salary, so we are talking peanuts.

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