Never again, Big Bowl!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Bleh, Nadia and I went out to Rosedale on Friday night and were actually friends. I know, I know shocker. We walked and talked, and walked and talked and finally ended up at Big Bowl at 9:00. It was my suggestion, I've been craving their Sangria and Citrus Curry for some time now. We got the Passion Fruit Pomegranate Sangria and then ordered chicken potstickers and the shrimp and scallop citrus curry to share. Unfortunately about half way through our meal, I just knew something was wrong. I interupted our meal and begged forgiveness from Nadia, only to quickly jet home to bed. No amount of Malox Plus could help me and at about 2:00 I said good bye to my dinner. Ew. I haven't thrown up in so long!

Saturday, luckily, we didn't have any plans, well, excluding Blaine's mandatory Alcohol Awareness class for all servers! So, I:

Went to bed at 10:00
Threw up at 2:00
Got up at 8:30
Class from 9:00-10:45
Back in bed at 11:00
Got up, to move to the couch at 3:00
Lounged until 7:00
Went to my parent's to watch Transformers on their new 40" LCD
Back in bed, and slept throught the night at 11:30

I felt yucky all day, but fortunately felt much better yesterday.

Tony and I checked out the late service at Eaglebrook. I love having a church that close by, that is so dynamic, but Tony and I are still struggling with the "concert worship" and "video message." We need a church that we can plug into, so we're anxiously awaiting the married group to start, but we're going to try out a few other churches before the groups begin in February.

We took a family picture with the IL's at Proex, which of course my Mother in law hated, because she hates pictures of herself, but we got a few good ones.

After a lot of housecleaning, I then left Tony to draw, while I met up with my BS folk. It was a good time reunion.

And now it's Monday.

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Rachel said...

wait.. it's just like a video site? no live nothing? :-(


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