Hi girls

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

So I have two readers, hi there Rachel and AJ.

I'm not quite sure if I should continue to pretend like you're not actually reading, like I've been writing, or if I should just acknowledge that you are there . . . I'm not the best at updating this guy, but when I do, it's usually no holds barred and I don't want you to feel uncomfortable with anything that I may share, so I just want you to know that what ever I do post, I'm comfortable with you knowing.


Haha, how's that for opposites AJ, can I try to get any more less attention, rather than more?


AJ said...

It's all good. This is what a blog is for. I won't feel uncomfortable. Life is what it is. And that's why we love life, no matter how rocky/bumpy/smooth the roads are.

Rachel said...

lol.. I'm just catching up.. hi :-)


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