We got our doors!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

We got our doors, we got our doors, hey - hey - hey - hey! Yay!

So excited, Tony and I picked them up last night and they look fantastic! Now to decided on a paint color, although the door itself will not be the only thing needing paint, as the previous owners did an interesting job weatherproofing resulting in us having to re do all of the trim and repaint the foyer!

Sooo, now we get new doors, and new paint!

We have an on going list for the house and in all honesty, I love it that way. I think I'd go insane if I lived in a newly constructed home, unless I got to participate in the design.

On our list of wants, in priority:

Fixing the bathroom: knocking out closet, redoing sheetrock, installing fan, redoing tile, new fixtures and vanity, paint $1850

Fence: entirely fence in our backyard with privacy fence! $3200

Wall: repaint with the paint we will have to get for the foyer, decorate it! $100

Computer: We neeed a new computer. A legit need. $700

Treadmill: Anything will do. Our relationship may depend on it.

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