Now I've done it.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I didn't know it was possible, but apparently cat ladies can be married, which has now been proven. We have three cats, and a dog.

Friday, I decided with the little bit of time I had before Tony came home from work, to go up to the Humane Society to visit the unfortunate animals. I did it all throughout high school and figured there would be no harm in returning. I was wrong.
For the first half an hour I spent my time with two 6 month old kitties, one surrendered, the other found. My heart just broke for the pretty siamese who's owner brought her in because she couldn't pay to keep her. She literally threw her body at the gate to better enable my hand to pet her. She was so used to love . . . while on the other hand the perky black kitty next to her was a stray, and yet she expected and welcomed affection just as readily. I finally pried myself away, to only find a kennel with two white marked tabbies. I should have stayed with the 6 months old. I honestly did not think that there would be tabby kittens, who would think there would be in October?! And wouldn't you know that the one which made my heart melt was the female, Lucy.
I called Tony and asked him to come up, but only if he willingly knew his precense would only encourage me. I knew I couldn't leave alone without her, only that if I truly was not to have her I'd have to leave with Tony. So he came up and sure enough became absolutely smitten.
Now we're a three cat family!

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Rachel said...

Oh my goodness! She is so cute :-) Too bad you'll have to lock her in the basement when we come over! lol... jk sort of... joey's extremely allergic!


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