Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I actually believe that this past birthday was the best birthday, since oh, I’d say my 17th, which was a bonfire and hayride at my favorite stable, Roselawn. And c'mon, topping that is hard to beat! It was amazing. Friday night Tony and I went out dancing with some friends downtown, which let’s be honest, it feels so good to dance! We were the sober drivers, once we realized that if we didn't stop drinking at 9:00, no one would be getting us home. Saturday morning we were up bright and early to be in St.Paul to pick up my FIL’s truck, to be in Eagan at 8:30 to remove an unwanted chest freezer from relatives. They’ve only wanted us to get it for two months! Jeez.

After that we headed back to the house, where we made use of the gorgeous weather. Tony spent the majority of the day installing the side door, while I planted my next installment of bulbs. Last week I planted 95, this weekend 55, still another 76 to go. I’m so thrilled for the potential of my garden next spring! Just a little after we should have left, we went up to St. John's to watch my brother play his final home game. I can’t believe he’s a senior. Both my Mom and my Dad were there, so it was perfect to be able to get some family time in.

We quickly returned to the Cities to prepare for dinner, which Tony kept a surprise. He asked for suggestions at work and that’s how we ended up at Zelo’s, right across the street from my workplace lol, but we’d never tried it before! The food was fantastic! We got our customary calamari, it doesn’t even seem to matter where we go, if it’s a nice place we get calamari. We then got the Ciao Baby salad, with balsamic vinaigrette, goat cheese and pine nuts. Soooo nummy. I ordered the fettuccini with asparagus, which also hosted a ton of cheese, pine nuts and slivered asparagus, almost like French cut green beans. I ate the whole thing.

Tony presented me with a Banana Republic jacket, which was so sweet because I know he put a lot of effort into it, plus he really likes it. Unfortunately the small is just too big, so we’ll have to see if the xs works or if we have to find a different one. My winter jacket is holey and missing a button, so it was sweet he remembered.

After dinner we met up with Matt and Angeli at Café Latte. I was too stuffed for desert so I just got some Celestial Seasonings mint tea. It meant so much to be able to share some time with them. Angeli just started at Target again, after a 3 month maternity leave so our time is few and far between.

We were in bed by 11:45 and thoroughly exhausted, but it honestly was unbelievable.

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