Thursday, October 4, 2007

I never was much good at updating these things. Although I had a good stretch of updates there.

Well let's see, I'm making money at Acapulco finally. I actually really enjoy it as well. I've already stashed away quite a bit and I'm realizing that soon we will be making decisions on our bathroom remodel and that our fence in the spring will be a reality!

For the time being, a little splash of newness was bought last night at Menards. I now have a Big Card. Something which I never thought I would want or need. For $600 we got two entry doors and two new schlage locksets, which we will flip flop the lock and deadbolt for a little bit of added security. If only I could get my husband to agree to use them . . . He maintains that it doesn't matter if we have two different locks, requiring two different keys, if someone wants to come in they'll just use the windows . . . why then did he insist that we HAD to buy Schlage?

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