What a weekend.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Tony and I went up to Maple Lake in WI, to visit with some of his college friends. It was a 4 hour trip out, but well worth it.

Group dynamics are always fun and this was no exceptions as tensions ran high, stupid comments were made, and people were taken advantage of . . . in the kitchen only thankfully. I usually ended up cleaning and a fellow married gal, Suelynn usually took on the cooking responsibilities. When there are 12 grown adults who have managed to keep themselves alive for 25+ years and only two people do most of the work, that's not cool.

What was cool was that I was able to get up water skiing! I've only successfully gotten up one time before and that was atleast 5 years ago.

Something equally cool/not cool was the 4 person tube that we battled on. Check it out.

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Rachel said...

awesome pic!!!

ps your profile is MUCH better :-)


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