Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tony and I had a fantastic weekend, a little on the long side, but extremely enjoyable. Friday was an all day strategy session at work, followed by a happy hour. Tony met me at our outdoor happy hour at Brit's and we just beebopped on over to Gameworks for Nadia's birthday. Nadia was extremely anxious about bringing all of her random friend's together, but it went extremely well. As she said, "I shouldn't have doubted my friend's social skills."

Saturday, Tony and I went to Lowe's, Menard's and Best Buy. Returns were made at Menard's and Best Buy, and then the grand purchase: a water filtration system! Okay, so it's a baby one, but within seconds of installing it we were happily and revoltingly rewarded. There is so much nasty, nasty gunk in our water! My Dad and Shirley threw a couples shower for my cousin, and even though we didn't have a gift we were coerced into going. We had a fun time.

Sunday, we went to church. I then went to my soccer game. Warren can be such an a-hole. I show up to the field, my reg time, for the start of the game. We have no other female players, which means we have to play two short AND I don't get a sub, and he has the audacity to ask me to be on time!

Anyways, we then went to my Mom's for dinner. It was a good time.

Tony is using a lot of restraint at work, but is running around like crazy to find a more stable job. His boss is a head case, who can not regain control of his company or the business, so he's trying to impose his influence on Tony, ie blaming him for everything!

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