Keep Holding Fast

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Oh Lord,
Let your help be on the way. You say that you will provide us an escape route from every situation that you put us into. Lord you know that Tony and I are seeking you, please let your time be now. Guide us on our unsteady path, let Tony be placed as your will sees fit.

Tony has a 4:30 interview. He needs it and I need it.

When he lost his job the same day that we closed on our house, we were scared, but faithful. The blessing of a new job has now turned sour, as Tony has endured about as much as a man can take. His pride and ego have been slashed and reputation tainted by words being put in his mouth. His ultimate goal of leaving work at the office has slightly been abadoned, twice daily phone calls to vent are now the norm. Gentle reminders that I am not the enemy are not necessarily taken as readily as they once would.

Lord, Tony needs this so much.

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