Wednesday, August 1, 2007

So, I'm pretty comfortable with the realization that I am terrible at keeping up a journal. Case in point: 16 years of my life were captured in 1 1/2 journals, that's not what I call dedication. However, even with how sporadic my entries may have been, I was always able to glean some wisdom or understanding of myself when reflecting . . . so here I am. Maybe this new forum will help me in consistency.

Tony and I have almost been married for a full year and oh . . . what a year it's been. After our lovely stint with the inlaws we were blessed to be in a situation to buy a house. I never thought that I would think fondly of our town, until of course Tony started toss names out like Maplewood and White Bear Lake.

We've been in our house now for 4 months, which does not actually feel right, but I know is true on paper. Our roles in marriage have already begun the ebbing and flowing that we expected, challenges that we never foresaw becoming very much real. Tony is constantly my supporter, while I myself generate quite a bit of criticism towards him. Our strength is our communication, while frankness can be biting, it also helps to clear the air. Fortunately the air has always cleared, instead of becoming more polluted from our honesty.

We still haven't found a church yet, although on a surface level we have agreed on a large one near by. Unfortunately I have myself chained to a Sunday morning soccer league. More to come on that, as we know will not survive without guidance and fellowship.

We have been fortunate enough to surround ourselves with good people, good married couples. Our home life is stable, no one's had to sleep on the couch just yet. My relationship with my Dad is currently strained again, but we'll see how that pans out.

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Kelly said...

Hi! I happened upon your blog by clicking away (friend of a friend of a friend, etc). I was surprised by how similar our stories are and I was hooked by your "about me" section. I grew up riding horses from the age of 6 and then had to choose between it and ballet. I stuck with riding and still ask for a pony every Christmas!! Haha. Anyway, just wanted to say hello and let you know who's been reading. Congrats on the baby! =)


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