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Thursday, August 2, 2007

In the 23 short years of my life I have never been witness to a tragedy, not that I've missed it mind you, until last night.

My normal day, my normal commute, my normal 20 minutes extra at the office at the end of the day to give me a short Friday.

My normal bus route that brought me safely home to my husband at 6:15, just in time, to hear the not so normal news that the 35W bridge over the Mississippi River had collapsed.

We were just about to clean the kitchen together, when we both paused mid reach for dishes, at the incomprehensible words coming from the living room. We immediately were drawn and sat in shock at the visuals, first on KMSP and then shortly after CNN & Fox News. Almost one mile, 75 vehicles, 18 construction workers, and numerous bikers and pedestrians going about their normal lives, suddenly thrown into an unwanted spotlight.

The phone calls and text messages were almost instantaneous and morbidly they are treasured, for I know that I am cared for to that extent and the opportunity to to reply, yes I am safe. My Mom and brother joined us around 7:00, we ordered pizza and I know that my Mom relished in the fact that we were together. We took out my bus route and I convinced myself and everyone else that I somehow cross the bridge some other way, it's only hitting me now that I don't.

I crossed the bridge roughly 10-12 minutes before the collapse.

I'm so thankful to God for the safety and provision He has provided; for the school bus that miraculously landed on all four wheels, for the onlookers near and far that heeded the call to action. Additionally, I'm thankful for the opportunity God has given for inner reflection and the mortal questions that are undoubtedly being asked. I pray the Lord strengthen your walk and enable you to ask the questions of yourselves and potentially provide the answers to those asked of you.

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