Wednesday, August 29, 2007

On Tuesday's, I am blessed to join a Bible study here at Target. One of my team members, who went to Bethel invited me, and I honestly can say it's been life changing. They have been such a strong support, in an environment that seems sterile of faith.

For awhile we did a couple of devotionals, but lately have just gone verse by verse, starting in James. Growing up in a Christian home and school, I take a lot of my knowledge for granted and often just skim the edges. It's amazing the insight that can be gained when only looking at the Bible as it was intended, in snapshots to be studied.

James is a knee bender. As in, it makes you want to get down on your knees, beg God for forgiveness and be nothing more than the humble servant we should be ideally.

I've known for a while now, but I need more patience and humility. As a people, we are selfish and self serving and I'm one of the best. I'd like to think I've developed, that I have become a better person throughout this first year of marriage, but I haven't. If anything I've gotten better at my tactics. I've struck out at Tony because I'm not fulfilled at work, and because I haven't spent enough time strengthening my relationship with Jesus. I've allowed myself to become defined by Tony, which I know I will never be satisfied by, but yet, I still hold him accountable.

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Rachel said...

I love James!! We're doing a series on it at church and it's really eye opening (and heart opening!)


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